How to attach elastic with NO bump!

So many times have almost finished a project threaded elastic thrum waist band and am now looking at the two ends going YIKES!!! Now what?  You could tye it in a knot but thats annoying! or lay the two pieces in top of each other but then you have a chunky spot in the waist which can also be annoying.

I can't remember which of my sewing instructors taught me this method but Thank you Thank you Thank you! I'm sharing this wonderfully simple and easy method.


Step 1

attach a small square of cotton to elastic with a zig zag stitch



Step 2

Line up second half of elastic so that are touching and zig zag



Step 3

Center zig zag stitch.  You should now have three rows of Zig Zag stitching



Step 4

Clip cotton to match size of elastic and stitching

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